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Public School Hell

announces the most important book of this century

Public School Hell Cover.

A Plan of Action To Rescue Our Children

This book reveals:

  • How Humanists gained control over public education.
  • How Humanists retain control over public education.
  • How Humanists control the news media.
  • How Humanists have infiltrated the judicial system.
  • How Humanists undermine our troops.
  • How Humanists use slander to deprive all who disagree with them of free speech.
  • How Humanists are using public schools to win elections.
  • How Humanists use tax exemption laws to keep Christians silent.
  • How Humanists use fear and terror to get their way.

This book gives undeniable proof:

  • That humanism is an atheistic "religion."
  • That humanism is the religion of communism.
  • That Humanism (with a capital H) is virtually identical with communism.
  • That Humanism is an even more dangerous enemy than radical Islam.
  • That Humanism is an international religion with a vision of world conquest.
  • That Humanism is the established state church of America.
  • That Humanists are zealously teaching sodomy to our children in order to undermine parents and destroy the traditional family, and to deprive Christians of freedom of speech and religion.
  • That Humanists are treasonously undermining our troops.

This book shows the one and only way to:

  • Stop the gay-rights movement.
  • Stop the same-sex marriage movement.
  • Stop the teaching of atheism in Public School.
  • Stop America's holocaust of unborn babies.
  • Stop the loss of our freedom of speech and religion.
  • Stop the atheists from using separation of church and state to defeat us.
  • Stop atheists from ruling over us in education and politics.


Because of the extreme urgency of the material in this book, the author and Dayspring Publisher have decided to make a version available free of charge as an Adobe Acrobat pdf file, so that anyone with a computer can read it regardless of his or her financial situation. A printed and bound copy is available from Amazon. It is also available as a printable e-book from Amazon. It you can afford to pay, please do, so we can continue to make the free version available to people who cannot pay.

It is a large file, so please be patient as it downloads. If you have a slow connection, you may want to download chapter 26 first. Because chapter 26 contains especially urgent information, we recommend that you download and read it first, even if you would rather order a printed book. Then start at the beginning and read the whole book.

Please read chapter 26 immediately. You will regret it if you don't! Thanks!

FREE: The Complete Book In PDF Format

FREE: Chapter 26 Only In PDF Format

Buy a Printed Copy

Reading from a real book is easier on the eyes. If you prefer to read from a real book rather than on a computer screen, it will probaby be cheaper, and will definately be much better to order a professionaly printed and bound book rather than trying to print it out on your computer printer, ending up with a bunch of loose sheets.


Because legislation has already passed the U.S. House of Representatives to take away your freedom of speech. Because two similar bills have already been signed into law in California, and will go into effect Janurary 1, 2008 unless efforts to force a referendum are successful! (Update: they failed.) Because this legislation will have a radical effect on your children's education. Because what is happening in public schools today is going to affect you, your children, and this nation more than any other one thing. And because there is no time to waste. Either we stop this legislation now, or we lose our freedom of speech. That is the brutal fact.

There is a war being waged for the minds of our children. If enemies infiltrate our schools and teach their ideas to our children, they do not have to engage us in a battle of tanks and canons. Indeed, if our own children accept the ideas of our enemies, then they become our enemies too! For it is the clash of irreconcilable ideas that make people enemies. When our children accept the evil ideas of our enemies the war has already been lost, for do we not go to war to protect our children from the evil ideas of our enemies?

The most important idea of all is God. It is upon this idea alone that truth and freedom rest. Yet our enemies’ idea---that there is no God---is the idea being taught to our children in public schools today.

Therefore to the education of our children we must devote our fullest attention until we are absolutely sure their minds are being molded by teachers who believe in the same God in which we believe.

Without doubt, the fate of public education will determine the fate of our nation---and of our children.

Most Americans do not know their enemies. In fact, most Americans not only willingly submit their children to their enemies for brainwashing, but also vote to pay their enemies big salaries so that their enemies can devote themselves without hindrance to the task! Then these parents wonder why their children grow to despise them.

Who IS the enemy? What does he believe? Why are his ideas wrong and perilous? Do YOU know? If not, both you and your children are in grave danger. That is why you, your children and grandchildren, and all your friends must read this book immediately.

(296 pages with footnotes and pictures.)

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